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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Don't ask me what you know already

Often I have been asked by people the same things. Again and again. Usually this is when you are in the nick of closing something. I try and control my agitated mind which is perplexed as I would have shared the same data, excel file or numbers time and again. Can you send me again is the next question! I am short of an expression here. Why would I send you the same thing again? I would share it hadn't I given you that last week/month and sometimes in the last hour.

What is my takeaway from this? Well, here it goes...

Either you are too dull or slow or lazy to keep asking for the same thing again and again or you are too smart and keep asking things to show that because you didn't have that and didn't have this you are allowed to delay the delivery.

I have on solution for this. Create or move on.

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