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Friday, May 10, 2013

Clean the soap!

I am forced to watch(secondary exposure) some of the soaps on TV these days and the content makes me sad! Let me tell you why.

Almost all the channels have a serial where men don't talk and women are portrayed as selfish, cunning, irritating, jobless, cussing and ignorant! I am surprised that every family has some twist, at least one unruly member, an idiot, a genius, a hardworking, a kid who is never shown studying and what not.

Do you actually watch this stuff? I mean everyday? What can I say? Is my understanding right or am I thinking it wrong? There are hundreds of subtle and sometimes direct annotations and references to illegitimate affairs, sexual undertones and what not. You might argue that some exposure is good at home for children, I want to see you face to face and have a serious talk. I am shocked as most of this is shared without a warning and suddenly is shown! I saw my friend's daughter so attracted to these soaps that she eats only when they are on.

I think it is time to clean the soap. I wish people behind them see that kids might be watching them too. Why can't you add more humour and fun to it? After all not all families in reality are fighting all the time. Shouldn't parents watch out?

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Unknown said...

Sara posted this on my facebook link to this article!

Vamshi Krishna A, (un)fortunately Dr.House, Sheldon Cooper, Patrick Jane, Charlie Sheen and many others can not survive in Indian soap market. What to do? Even we are forced to watch sometimes.What starts as fun becomes habit. Your 'men DON'T talk' perception will change if you watch CID on Sony.