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Friday, May 10, 2013

Allergic to mediocrity

Hugh MacLeod talks about being allergic to mediocrity. Read on for his version. Read here for my version!

Is Mediocrity really all that bad?
You already know the answer.

Mediocrity is so poisonous because no one really complains about it. It envelops and sucks us in. Before we know it our standards are lowered and it sets us in the death spiral.  
So how can this be when the truth is that we take delight in the amazingness we come across in our daily lives?
It's because fighting the entropy of mediocrity is hard, and that is what this image is about. 
It's a reminder about standards. It is a reminder about the extra 1% that will make the difference. It is a reminder that 'good enough', just isn't.
We all know that we have a choice. Do you want to bring light, sparkle, or not?

You already know the answer.

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