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Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday blues: Keys to Synergy

SynergyKeysSynergy does not just happen between people. There are certain things that they need to do which help it to manifest.

Some keys to achieving synergy are

  1. "LISTEN ACTIVELY". If anyone in your group (or your relationship) is an 'expert' then you are unlikely to achieve synergy. If you want to achieve synergy, then the ego has to be put to one side. The 'expert' is the kiss of death to synergy. 
  2. "TRUST YOUR INTUITION - SPEAK UP". The second kiss of death for synergy is not as obvious as the expert. This is the person who knows the answers but KEEPS IT TO THEMSELVES. These people need to speak up and be heard. 
  3. "AGREE TO AGREE". The third key to synergy is to "agree to agree". This means to agree to reach a resolution. Compromise is not an option. What does compromise mean? A settlement of a disagreement where each side makes concessions. The end result is usually unsatisfactory to both. What does Resolution mean? Both sides are happy. In order for this to happen, what do you usually need? A third option. If you are going to achieve synergy, you are going to start being creative thinking up 'third options'. 
  4. 'BE FLEXIBLE. The fourth key to achieving synergy is to "Be flexible". The first solution proposed is not necessarily the best one. Groups that fail to acknowledge and consider multiple courses of action run the risk of accepting a suboptimal solution. 
  5. "BE COMPASSIONATE". The fifth key to achieving synergy is to be compassionate. We tend to put other people's ideas down. When we do this, we stop people from thinking and contributing. Thinking is the hardest work there is, so we need to encourage people to do it. To get synergy we need to support others efforts to do well. When we differ from others we need to do it in a manner which is constructive rather than defensive.
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