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Monday, January 21, 2013

Indiblogger meet: HP - Stay Original!

I was at the The Original IndiBlogger Meet by HP #OriginalCopy yesterday and it was fun to meet up with all the bloggers. Over the years, Indiblogger has grown to a substantial community with a lot of users turning up to the meets. Met most of my friends and it is great to meet someone you know online and actually speak to them. We had quite a bunch of new bloggers at the meet who were introduced to the fun of blogging and the importance of being original.

Originality is what makes you stand out, get readers, appreciation and recognition. HP was also pointing out that it is important to use original cartridges in your printer, it will not just spoil your printer but also have an huge fail percentage. The figures shown were mindblowing with almost 50% failure rates to start up just out of the box and about 70% failure rates(stopping in between, uneven print and so on). You can also order them online/phone and get the cartridges delivered at home in 6-8 hrs. It seems prices have come down too to 449/- per cartridge and they don't charge you for shipping(Rs. 25 if the order is under 500) if it is more than 500 bucks. I didn't know that it was so cheap to own a printer!

Harper Collins was supporting the event and was talking about how original content would be a hit and not the plagarized, lifted versions. I agree with this too. The fact that my blog is popular is because I have tried keeping it as clean and original as possible.

Stay original. Stay popular and keep your head high. Amen!

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