Google+ Consumer Psyche: January 2013


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Seth's Blog : Owning vs. renting

You don't own attention or trust or shelf space. You don't even own tomorrow's plans.
It's all for rent, with a cancellation clause that can kick in at any time.
The moment you start treating the rental like a right, it disappears.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

School of life!

Sometimes life teaches us better things than all the bookish education can do. 

Life teaches us to be simple, to be real, to be down to earth and to be ever optimistic.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Indiblogger meet: HP - Stay Original!

I was at the The Original IndiBlogger Meet by HP #OriginalCopy yesterday and it was fun to meet up with all the bloggers. Over the years, Indiblogger has grown to a substantial community with a lot of users turning up to the meets. Met most of my friends and it is great to meet someone you know online and actually speak to them. We had quite a bunch of new bloggers at the meet who were introduced to the fun of blogging and the importance of being original.

Originality is what makes you stand out, get readers, appreciation and recognition. HP was also pointing out that it is important to use original cartridges in your printer, it will not just spoil your printer but also have an huge fail percentage. The figures shown were mindblowing with almost 50% failure rates to start up just out of the box and about 70% failure rates(stopping in between, uneven print and so on). You can also order them online/phone and get the cartridges delivered at home in 6-8 hrs. It seems prices have come down too to 449/- per cartridge and they don't charge you for shipping(Rs. 25 if the order is under 500) if it is more than 500 bucks. I didn't know that it was so cheap to own a printer!

Harper Collins was supporting the event and was talking about how original content would be a hit and not the plagarized, lifted versions. I agree with this too. The fact that my blog is popular is because I have tried keeping it as clean and original as possible.

Stay original. Stay popular and keep your head high. Amen!

Monday Blues: Live. Learn. Love

Gapingvoid makes it clear!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

One step...

Copied from Prem's blog.

It’s a daunting journey!
One that probably has no destination.
How the heck do you march ahead then?
One step at a time!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Consumer Psyche

Here is a simple solution to understand human behavior.
Spend time with people! You will be surprised.

Give us this day our daily bread!

Simple things matter a lot when done with love. What can be a small piece of bread with a cup of tea to a hungry one is more than what a hearty meal to a satiated person. This is a pic of my breakfast today. 

 Do simple things to show you care, you love and you remember and people will fall in love with you. Make 2013 a chance to build relationships, make new friends, mend bridges and win!

This works in business too!

All pics displayed here can be downloaded and used for free. Just give a link here. You can find more pics here: t3i photography. 

Five steps of meditation

My dear friend Pooja Venugopal posted this on her facebook page and it reflects what I was about to post here. Read on...

The Five Steps of Meditation
  1. In the beginning, meditation is just a relaxation
  2. In the second step, meditation is something that gives you energy; you feel more energetic
  3. In the third step, meditation brings creativity
  4. In the fourth step, mediation brings enthusiasm and joy
  5. The fifth step of meditation is indescribable, you simply can't describe it. It is that oneness with the whole universe. This is the fifth step of meditation, and don’t stop before that.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Go off grid and rethink

You need to focus what you want to do and stay focused. Prioritize and then plan ahead. Spend sometime every time to plan and them go for the kill.

Going off grid, reading a book, thinking what you have done this year and what you want to do the next and planning ahead gives you an advantage you never knew!

All pics displayed here can be downloaded and used for free. Just give a link here. You can find more pics here: t3i photography.

2013: Year of Diving Favor!

Promise in our church this year! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Keep running!

Right place at the right time is lucky. Nothing worked because of you. You need to be constantly adding, chasing, running, improving, creating and contributing. Unless you add value, you aren't worthy. 

Found this pic online and it makes perfect sense. 

  • What are you contributing to your work, your family and to your self? 
  • What are your goals for this year?


What an year 2012 was!

I moved to a completely new sector from what I was doing and and started working at Samskruti Builders. By the grace of God, a good team and wonderful product excelled at many things this year. God has been good to me as he always is and he blessed me more than what I could ever ask for! Thank you Lord.

I have started running again and lost a lot of weight I had gained over the last two years! That's about 17 kgs in 60 days(42 to 34 on the jeans size scale).

2013 is here and here is wishing you a happy new year, new challenges and a lot of plans, dreams, commitments and promises.