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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Business apps set to overtake consumer-centric market

Tejaswini writes: With the increasing use of smartphones and mobile internet in India, the market for enterprise-based apps is set to explode in the coming years, said an industry body official.

“Business apps or enterprise-based mobile apps market in terms of sale value will grow tremendously in India. It will outclass the market for consumer apps such as Whats-app and Google Maps,” said Gaurav Chopra, associate vice-president, Inte-rnet and Mobile Associ-ation of India (IAMAI).

According to global research firm Gartner, the application development software market in India is expected to grow 22.6 per cent to reach over $227 million in 2012, led by increasing adoption of software delivery through cloud-computing platform. “In the near future, every business enterprise will need a mobile app, given that the usage of smartphones and mobile internet is growing rapidly,” Mr Chopra told this correspondent.

Even Gartner study stated that 90 per cent of large enterprises and government agencies will use some aspect of cloud computing by 2015.

Currently, India is home to 9,000 app development companies.

“Emerging mobile applications, and devices are transforming the app development space rapidly, and are one of the top three CIO priorities at the enterprise level,” the study said.

According to a survey by leading consultancy Research2Guidance, India is slated to become one of the biggest players in the global app market by 2016, overtaking leading smartphone app markets such as the US, and five Western European Union countries. On the other hand, the penetration of smartphones in India stands at nine per cent of 913.5 million users, growing at an annual rate of 50 per cent.

Given that there is a massive potential for app development in the country, even the market for local apps is set to boom in the next two-three years.

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