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Friday, September 14, 2012

Bengaluru belebath

Local is the new style. Bengaluru belebath's mobile outlets reach out to several people who cannot get up in the morning and prepare boxes for their lunch, or would like to taste something outside.

This seems to be an excellent idea especially because of the price tag @ 25 INR for lunch. Moreover the cuisine is something that would remind you of traditional tastes of Karnataka, something you had taste3d from your granny's kitchen.

The success or failure of this venture might depend on several factors like the quality, cost and the quantity of the offering and how it would like to reach out to its customers in the longer run but one thing is for sure. It has got the takers from the huge working class who wouldn't mind shelling out the cost for what they have.

Brands can tap in to your space with an excellent offering anytime, only once. But if the offering is good and improves everyday with something or the other and keeps you engaged and smiling then that would be the path to success. Unfortunately, you don't find many such brands around. Here is wishing luck to Bengaluru Belebath's team

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