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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Defy logic, define trend

Sometimes you need to take away all the logic and think differently to come up with a good marketing idea. It is not so easy as it seems to think out of the box. Many people have a difficulty to think within the box, if there is a box.

What triggers creativity? What impresses the consumer? Most of the times it can be an outlandish theory and need that the consumer hasn't even thought of or knew he wanted. That is where great minds come to work and great brands have been brought out. Consumers appreciate all the efforts if the product is outlandishly cool. Most of the times you may fail but then isn't it worth trying?

There can be only one brand as wonderful as Rajni. Rajni probably doesn't fit the marketing corners but could easily encompass the whole. I love this video as it tells me that to think differently is sometimes normal.

Nothing new would have been invented if everyone thought within the box.

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