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Monday, December 5, 2011

Deciphering Kolaveri

Sometimes nonsense is more sensible than sense itself. And you have more followers for the nonsense than sense. Yes, you can relate this to the mob behaviour and how fire catches on. Yes, I am talking about the Kolaveri effect and how it might be different from a regular viral. All pundits and people I spoke to have said that this would die down and cease to exist and it has already seen its best times. I would have agreed but for this is a different case altogether. Kolaveri shouldn't be categorized as a normal viral. There are several offspring versions to it and a multitude of languages, forms, lyrics and situations can be ascribed and the tune can carry. Though their life can be lesser than the original, they will still be there with a reminder about the original song.

How did this happen? There are practically no lyrics in the song. So you can fill whatever you want. There is no sense, so you can decipher as you want. There is a silly/stupid attitude which is welcome. It is like a blank canvas with outlines for you to fill in.

As a marketer I would love to create an effect like this and get it done to my brand. But guess what? It is not going to be an orchestrated one. It has to happen. If you want a hit on web, I have a question you might like. Which one of the following videos would get maximum hits? A video with a nice guy doing something normal or a guy being punched in the face?

Here is a good analysis of Kolaveri you should read.

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