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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Consumer Psyche: Feed an orphan initiative

Thank you for the wonderful response to our Feed an orphan initiative. I have received some mails and text messages asking as how and why we are doing this. Let me explain.

I was looking for a logo to be designed for my blog and some marketing to be done and allocated a budget for the same. Then I started scouting for people who can do the logo and design it in a better way so that I would stop using the free templates. It was a modest budget as I never try to make money from this blog and never will for myself. That is when we realized that we were ready to spend thousands on rupees on a logo and seo which could be very useful for some other reason which is much more worthy.

That is when we decided to come up with a campaign to help an orphanage. I was searching for a good orphanage which actually does some work and then found one in Puttenahalli, Bangalore. There are about 85 girls there. These girls aged between 2 and 19 (with majority being 3-7yrs) are all either orphans or street kids picked up and are being provided food, shelter, education and good care. So every like on our facebook page: Consumer Psyche earns a good meal to these kids.

Thank you once again for your support and we are happy with the 46 likes we got in three days and counting to 200!

I don't remember the where I had downloaded this picture to credit.


Nidz said...

How can a simple click earn u money??

Unknown said...

I don't get money Nidz. I feed an orphan out of my pocket :)

More clicks = more meals. So get as many as you can :)

How is post-married life? :)