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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di?

Tamil music directors amaze me time and again and I have to agree the world is dancing to their tunes or at least humming in sync. Ever since RA.ONE decided to go the Tamil way it is quite obvious that the Tamil music industry has a lot of sympathizers to its dance and fast numbers across the world. Here is another gem. Even before the film 3 is released, this song is a rage on Youtube and other social media sites.

Releasing it on Youtube is an excellent marketing game and having Danush sing the catchy tune with some excellent screenplay and mixing the song seeps in to the viewers and have them humming. Did they anticipate this? Don't know. But this was a good try and if it is a hit then why not! Having a good product is the least of your strategy. Having a great marketing plan is the ace. The combination always manages to hit the chord.

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SkyLark said...

Frankly Vamshi, the first time I heard this song I hated to the core. I was cribbing within myself as why such a kind of tunes are made, why are the music directors cheap enuf to come up with such tunes.

I was showing that youtube video to a friend of mine, this the second time when I heard it (remember I have seen numerous posts in my FB profile, praising this song by many friends of mine), the attitude I had earlier had changed, I started liking it.

Thats when I felt, at that instint, constant repetition can cause a lot of change in the mind set and that happened because of one genius marketing gimmick.