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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Way of Christ!

As a student of psychology, I learn every day and from almost everyone I see, meet or speak to. What makes someone stick to something or not? What motivates someone more than anything else? Can everything be analysed and allocated to the confines of a simple pyramid designed by Maslow? Don't think so. Traditional marketing gurus would fit what I am going to say in to one of the top chambers of the pyramid though! The more I learn, I know there is more that is unknown!

Something I envisioned and started with a good friend Peter some two years back during my graduation has snowballed in to a community. I am very happy and proud with the result as this was unexpected and frankly hardly anytime was spent on it. Skipping the marketing and behavioral discussion, Way of Christ has > 2100 followers as of today. Join if you would like to get good verses, thoughts and you can also post prayer requests, verses, etc.

Thank you Lord!

Yes! At the Cross, there's room!

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