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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Super Bass! Super Boss!!

Onika Tanya Maraj or Nicki Minaj is a sensation alright. I saw her songs(with > 300 million collective hits) Super Bass and saw it rise up the charts and swing teen-music-choices and paint the world pink. Here is the original song with over 170 million hits! If you think it is the best then I have something better. Two kids, Sophia and Rosie, Eight and Five sing to her song and have about 25 million hits between them in less than a month!

A lot of channels found them and get them on air but Ellen takes it a step further. Watch the video below to see.

That is wonderful. I know the kids are too good but am talking about the power of the Internet! The ease with which technology can take you so fast from something so small to something so enormous and sensational. Good luck Sophia and Rosie.

If only we can understand and fathom the mechanics of internet and use them to better reach our target audiences... but isn't that another story?

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