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Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Blues: Bury and Move on

Monday morning again....

Do you learn with time or just get dumber? I think the latter happens most often. What makes you think you are better? What makes you think you evolved over the last few years, months and days and you think you can handle things better? Why am I being so direct? People tend to look at their pain as an addiction and love to be afflicted time and again. What makes them tick to the pain and tolerate it while they have always tried to get away from it?

This happens most often in relationships and that too in broken ones. Happens to both the sexes and yes, you go, revisit and get smacked more for the same and swear that you will never go back again only to return a few days later. The reason is that I tend to think that I am much better off managing this situation and hope I can do better and deliver all those dialogues and come-backs I wanted to last time. Trust me, most of these adventures prove to be fatal and hurt you even more. The best way is to accept that you have been an idiot once and make sure you don't need to validate that time and again. Walk away and improve but don't go back to the relationship that had already hurt you, especially if you are sure you will not be happy there.

This Monday, I want you to come out and ditch the stupidity and stop convincing yourself that you are smarter. Alas, very few are, especially in the matters of the heart. So what next? This Monday, cheer up and try something else, some one new... Our population hit 7 billion the last I heard. Talk about choice!

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