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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Don't believe all that you read!

Human psyche is interesting. Very interesting. You can read, decipher and understand two things from the same source and yet come out with a different belief for each. When you read something related to things you don;t like, you feel it is false. When you read information matching your belief system, you think it is true. But most of us believe everything we read in papers, especially if it is related to health and wellness, and think just because it is reported in some foreign magazines or newspapers it might be true. Sometimes it is better to take information pitched in science journals about something studied comprehensively too with a pinch of salt. This becomes even more important when you see some self proclaimed gurus come out with claims on what you should eat, drink and do to be healthy on tv every morn. Watch out for the real data and not the spoofed up facts. How you can be cheating yourself when you read things and follow or best put, you self-medicate.

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