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Friday, October 14, 2011

Aliens - The Truth

I have written a good post about aliens some three years ago. I have researched a lot and am more enlightened, read, learnt and wiser now and here is my view now. I will try and put it in as subtle a way as I can be and here it is.

I have a bowl with fish in it. There are two fighter fish, one turtle and few guppies. There is plankton, artificial grass, some white and colored stones. I make sure there is food available all the time and that they exercise enough to earn it so they wont get sick. Once in a while I change the water and clean the bowl. If these fish think they are the only fish and that this is the only place with fish in the world then they are sadly mistaken. If they think they are too smart and know everything then again they are mistaken.

Compare our solar system and the blue planet to the bowl. Get the drift?

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