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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why I think Anna should eat!

I am amazed and happy about the marketing success of Anna's agitation and how people, especially the Gen Y has connected to the vision of a corruption free India. How impressive is the ideal and the Lokpal bill is a pioneering step towards this direction. I am proud to be born in a country where a common man or a group of people could hold the government responsible and stop its functioning. Democracy is one of the least praised and understood blessings.

I have to admit that I love the idea but being someone who likes to look at things in a practical way especially when it comes to buying into the Utopian ideas, I have to admit, I am a tough buyer. A great cause is great because it is very very difficult to achieve. If I were Anna(which I am not and might never be), I would accept the bill minus the PM and then get it to move as swiftly as possible to reality.

Let's face it. I have personally faced or have close friends who have seen corruption rampant in hospitals, police station, railway stations, restaurants, government offices, private offices, parents, children, friends, even autowalas and every other place imaginable. People cheat. That is their unchangeable character. If you find someone who doesn't, it is a rarity. Corruption is at all levels and cannot be routed out so easily with just one bill nor can it be changed with one single swipe. All the governments, since our independence, and on a larger scale since the beginning of history has had people who would do anything to earn some extra chai-money. Simple solutions might not be the way to look at it.

Let's think about it. Even if we bring back all the black money and use it to develop India, >80% of it will not reach the final beneficiary; Even if it did, >90% of all the money brought back will go back to the people who presently own it in another 10-15 years. I wish Anna would eat and live long enough to see a lot of changes.

Prompting ideals on a blog is easier but if our politicians are serious about it and want to support Anna, I mean really support him, let them come forward and declare they wouldn't accept anything which isn't theirs for the next five years. Can we get some 50 MPs, 50 MLAs, 50 IAS officers, 50 Railway TCs, 50 policemen who would do this? You know the answer.

Is corruption universal? I think so. However, there are exceptions to it. I have also seen many sincere officers who have lived within their means and have treated bribery or any other corruption like cancer and stayed away from it all their life. The result? One rented house or shanty with minimal access to health care and daily requirements or even worse. But you know what is the greatest asset they possess? A guilt free mind and Himalayan satisfaction that they have done the right thing. This probably is a rarity, may be only those of higher birth can afford to experience.

This world wont bargain for your simpleton principles Anna. They are so happy without the knowledge of their soul being traded to Mephistopheles while they admire the beauty of worldly riches. So for all practical purposes, Anna should happily eat.

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