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Monday, March 14, 2011

Keep it up, not South!

The first time I walked into Up South, a new restaurant, which opened after a lot of buzz at Jayanagar, Bangalore, I was happy to see well made South Indian dishes at a reasonable price. Here was an air-conditioned option with much better quality and easily available. I remember walking in thinking this is cool. The second thought was when will it get adulterated. Well, it didn't take wrong. With in a month of my first experience I was shocked. The quality remains the same and so does the price. But the problem comes with the size of the offering. The dosas, idlies, poories and wadas have become lilliputian and so small that you find yourself searching for the same in your plate. Innocent or ignorant? I don't know. But the reality is that this is not acceptable and leaves a really bad feeling about the place. The fact that I have recommended this place to many pains me even more. Word of mouth, especially a good one, is hard to get. Don't ruin it.

This is the problem with many brands, be it a product or service. You bend over backwards to impress me and beg me to come and spend my precious dollars in your store and the moment you have a steady line of customers at your door, you tend to take it light. The quality goes down, the smiles disappear and the whole concept of service is swept under the mat. Will the customer stay back? I don't think so. There are a million other options I have to go and spend my money. Also there are numerous doors where I will be treated as a king and I get the value for money as I envision.

Callousness isn't pardonable. Never let it creep into your system or it will eat you inside out. In order to make sure you cash registers keep ringing, you need to keep your quality and service the same. Or the line outside your door is going to get thin.

Try keeping your service as promised and as it should be: Up. 

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Poonam Kankariya said...

quite interesting n absolutely true... d true picture of every growing business...