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Saturday, October 9, 2010

UnKind Joy!

Parents crib when they hear their child ask for 'Kinder Joy'. 'It is not worth the price we pay but what to do?' Prema said when I smiled looking at her pay 35 bucks grudgingly. The little girl was in her own world ripping open the chocolate. I wonder what makes the kid love the chocolate so much.

It tastes Choo good you know! She says without flinching a bit or taking her gaze off her chocolate. Prema & Dristi are my co-passengers on the way to Vijayawada.

I am more interested in the kid's loyalty for the brand. Drishti is in UKG and already has a collection of toys from all the recognizable brands. She recollects all her toys and who got them for her. Her US aunt had promised her a new toy when she would come for Diwali this year.

The marketing presence of the brand isn't too much either. There is comparatively lesser number of advertisements and promos but the in-store presence or Orchard Marketing, is very high. The color of the stand and the way the product is shaped makes a lot of difference in catching the eye.

Within a few minutes we get to be good friends and Drishti tells me about her collection of Kinder Joy toys and how they exchange if they get similar ones. Forget the taste and the toy, it is the sense of ownership and branding that excites her. That's where Kinder Joy scores much to the discomfort of the parents. That's smart.

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Unknown said...

I am a big fan of Kinder Joy.No wonder the little girl is... worth paying because of the Joy a Kid get when owns it.

Am gonna buy one more now :) Missing it after reading your post.