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Friday, September 24, 2010

Why MasterChef Australia is a good product offering

MasterChef Australia is one of the few excellent product offerings in the recent times. Let me tell you why.

I don't like programs that expect me to park my brains outside and try to sell me sub-standard stuff. A combination of reality show, game, talent quest and cuisine, it has all the elements of at least three programs put together. It teaches things that I would otherwise not learn. It has the excitement, challenge and suspense that make the viewer think, sympathize and decide. Moreover, it includes the viewer in the whole chain, learn something while having fun. Passive, learning.

It takes the grueling, usually unthankful, ruthless work of a Chef to a level where his/her skill is put to test and has a chance of being evaluated by the one that matters most - the customer! It changes your attitude and approach not just towards food but towards work on the whole. The viewer can relate the show to their daily work which makes it more identifiable.

Some takeaways are...
  • Any one can cook a marvel dish given three hours, the recipe and all the ingredients, but can one cook the same thing in a stipulated time frame, limited options in terms of the no.of ingredients and in a pressure situation? Which job in the present world has the leisure to take three hours?
  • Can work be fun? Guess it is. MC makes it look like fun while working;
  • Appreciation or rejection is straight forward and instant feedback is awesome. The fact that the contestants are under constant scrutiny makes it more edgy and practical;
  • Creativity is encouraged while teams and individuals are egged to work on different dishes and churn out dazzlers to surprise the judges;
  • Working in a team while contributing individually makes it a sight to watch;
  • Accentuates physical + psychological effort;
  • Scent of failure at every step;
  • Need to improvise;
  • Keeps non-critical things simple. Like the teams are named red and blue;
  • Demonstrates the need for leadership, mentoring and high performance.
I can go on and add more to the list above. I am sure you can too. What I like about the program is that it is well structured, has all the elements I need in a show and best of all, I don't need to park my brains outside. In all it is an offering that is simple yet diverse, enthusiastic, entertaining, accepting, well-packed, practical, emotional, direct and pretty smart. There is your near perfect product offering.

Pic is from Kusut-blogs.

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Unknown said...

Am impressed too. Waiting for the Indian version starting on 16th October. The Promos of Master Chef India are awesome. No doubt Akki has proved himself a fantastic anchor in KK season 1&2 and am sure this show would rock on Indian Screen.