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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lessons from Komaram Puli

Komaram Puli is Pawan Kalyan's recent release after a lot of gap and his fans were waiting with bated breath. Backed with the team that made Kushi, which was a superhit, Komaram Puli had huge expectations. One of the die hard fans of Pawan, tells me that it is a dud. Reasons? Several. You would find some here.

I have few takeaways for you.
  • Any brand or communication fails when it tries to build your expectations to insane level
  • Too much delay in arriving at the threshold(3 years in this case), too much hype(I happened to watch the promos) might cause your audience, read customers, to expect a lot and nothing that is offered is acceptable
  • The solution can be to hold back on the expectations and maintain a minimum level of curiosity and pitch when your customer expects it
  • Holding back too much in your hand, in haze, makes me lose interest and when the actual thing happens, it hardly matters to me anymore

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