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Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Blues: PMS

Mondays have been dreaded. Mondays should be the days when you learn, grow and plan.

Monday should be a day of passion, motivation and structuring.

  • Tap your passion. Motivate yourself to reach out to that passion. Structure your work and life to meet the only goal: your passion. Make your priorities on a hard day even more harder. Stick to the to-do list. Make no changes unless something really pressing comes up. Make sure you spend less time contemplating what to do and concentrate on doing it. Remind yourself about what you are set to do and keep at it. Fix a time slot for other things and handle them then.
  • Motivate yourself to make the best out of the whole fixture. Tell yourself that this is easy and you can do it. Anything so tough can be that only till you start it. And then it is cake walk. Reminding yourself about the passion is a good option.
  • Structuring your work to make the best out of the whole situation is very good as long as it does show a gleam of light. Keep your plan free from clutter, junk and irrelevant things that you usually do on a normal day.
If you are an individual who is handling PMS, think about how well you can do it. If you are a manager with your team member or colleague facing this problem, what can you do to make it easier?

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