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Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Blues: The deliberate no-ball!

In keeping the Monday Blues thoughts on, today let's see 'The deliberate no-ball!'

If you aren't familiar to the universe of cricket, Sehwag was denied a well deserved century by the Lankans when they had a no-ball bowled deliberately and stranded him on 99 when India won the match. The best part is Sehwag raised it in the press conference and pointed it as a repeat mistake inviting the public ire and discontent towards the team and cricket as a whole. Everyone acted as if this is quite new to the gentleman's game!

It happens all the while in life and at work. Yes, you would find such people in your area of work too. What makes someone do that?

When you ought to be promoted and someone doesn't do that. When your file needs to move but doesn't. When an appreciation is due but never comes. When there is a mistake and it is definitely mentioned. When the world wakes up to your achievement but your boss chooses to ignore or vice versa. When you don't do the needed and delay.

The list can go on but I hope you got my point. When you delay things don't ever feel they are not going to happen. You cant stop a star from shining by closing your eyes or holding a palm against the light.

This Monday, don't bowl the deliberate no-ball. Don't be a Randiv. Be a proactive leader. You don't need appreciation or title or designation to be one. Lead not push back. Go do the extra bit to make things happen.

Can an eclipse stop the sun from shining?

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