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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sorry Bips, I ain't walking

Not that my cabin is on the 15th floor or because I don't like walking, but because your message is lost on me. Being in marketing makes me look at all the ads for the hidden, marketing message that I should be subliminally accepting and adhering to. Now is that a boon or bane is for you to decide. I take both ways. I see what is good and bad in the ad. Now when I look at the ad, I ignore the sweets, the fact that I don't exercise and am found looking at the long legs and thinking how this can be achieved by someone who is busy and the message at the end is that she takes the stairs and sugar free???!!!

Hmmm... sounds good to listen but trust me only that is not going to help you. Taking to few friends, I am told that they remember the product and not the brand behind it. Now that is a problem for the brand in question as I do remember Bips and the fact that I need to cut down on sugar apart from a little exercise, but the brand skips my attention. The prominence is on the fact that people plan a lot but act only on a few. This is actually what happens with the ad. All I remember is the message bit and the brand skips me. I wouldn't remember picking up the brand when I am at store and that is a loss for the brand.

So I would follow Bips' advise and would choose the stairs but lemme get that ice cream on the way. Yes, make is sugar free and I don't care which brand.

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