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Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Blues: Fighting insecurity

One of the worst fears is insecurity. It feeds on your confidence and renders you helpless. I have seen people worry themselves so much that they get sick, literally. Worrying about their past, present, future, finances, about what other people think of them, what they ought to do, about pleasing people, about getting hurt, trying to control everything and what not! Not that I am an expert in teaching how to handle your life, but I believe worry is the way to insecurity which leads to unhappiness in life. Desperation makes you seek happiness elsewhere and causes discomfort.

The wicked me whispers this... What a chance for the marketer in me! All I need to do is figure out what makes you unhappy and create something to take it out or divert that built up unkempt energy to my product. Bingo! the headlights and the poor deer. Now you know why people smoke, drink, etc.

You can be phony, acting like everything’s fine on the outside when you really unhappy on the inside. You can hide the crackling for sometime but at the end of the day you are hurting yourself. A majority of us do not even get to ask this question. Like Shakespearean drama, you keep on playing the roles expected to perfection forgetting the inner you and lose out in the battle, tired, drained and cold.

Often you feel divided, drawn between things at work, business and life, failing to find time to devote for yourself and family. You know what I mean... tied up with several things, your to do list keeps on growing and work starts piling up at all junctures. Things like laundry, pending bills, trip to the dentist, reports to submit, millions of trackers to update, calling up old friends, things to buy like the tooth paste, lip gloss, hair cut and so on. We start questioning where is the liberty we thought we would have and how our life is drifting by, without us having any control. Here is where the panic button kicks in. How do we manage to handle this? Here is what I do. In this realm of importance I make a list of things to be done that day and divide them into two:
Got to do
& Nice to do. First finish the 'Got to do' and then move on to 'Nice to do' which makes much sense. Now I always make sure I have some personal time to reflect and relax so as to allocate time for planning.

And if nothing works out, here is an easy get away. Matthew 11:28, "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest". I spend some time with God, in solace and Lo! I am filled with relaxation and energy to face the world. You might call this spiritual and should try. You would find it very useful in handling the stress, whatever the cause may be.

Leave the worrying and learn to relax. Welcome to the decision to have a good attitude. It would change you much before the actual change occurs in you! It is your life after all; make it awesome.

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