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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Missing dog

What happens when you are bonded with something so well that you don't realise the price you are paying? Well, a good opportunity for marketers to sell.

Found this hanging on a tree at Indiranagar. Pets have always been a special way, for me at least, to identify how one handles oneself. You find that a pet is a reflection of its owner, be how neat it is or its behaviour. Even the selection of a pet also is an extension of the person in question. You find someone tugging at a large dog with rough looks and a dirty snarl you better be away.

People get bonded to things that reflect their psyche. Things like items, brands, products that make them feel the real inner self. Want to see how you feel inside? Try free association shopping. Go to a shopping complex and see what your eye catches, the colors, items, things that grab your attention. Do they mirror your mood and choices? What say?

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