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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jagan CM

Odarpu (Consolation) yatra? Bypassing high command's orders. Amassing the wronged child and garnering support on YSR's legacy. You are good Jagan but the fact is you are late. Having been in politicking for a long time all the politicians are very scared and worried about the fact that Jagan can pull up masses like his father did and people are still sympathizing about the way Jagan is being treated. The move to start assembly session didn't work out well for Rosaiah as he is being seen a leader who ried to pull away members of the house from attending te festivities in honor of the deceased CM. Jagan mulls up enough to get support from the people and many of the silent supporters who feel he deserves more. Well the fact remains that Jagan is too small for a party like congress which has been very patient in promoting the unquestionable heir of congress, Rahul, to the top and has always shown that he needs more exposure and experience under the so called 'mentors' and is expecting Jagan to do the same. Sad for them but Jagan doesn't seem to like the fact that he is being ignored and has reasoned that any delay further is pushing him away from the CM spot.

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