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Saturday, June 19, 2010


Raavan is released and is all set to become one of the biggest blockbusters of all times for it has all the elements needed to become one. Mani Ratnam, Shyam Kaushal, A R Rahman, the Bachchan ensemble, Gulzar and a lot of hype, PR and what not.

An interesting debate is about whom we would be primarily watching? Abhishek or Vikram. Most of the people I have seen are voting for Vikram, for better acting(?), experience and raw passion that is expected of the role. Poor Abhishek seems to be long way down the class in comparison. That's bad news for him and good for Vikram. Now that is a southside view and hopefully it differs as we go north. Good luck to the team of Raavan and here are 10 reasons why you should watch it. Anyone from the north, chip in with your views.

Brands losing in comparison have to be careful as to what they are being associated with. Being asociated with less mature equals less trust which translates to less chances of me, the consumer, picking your product up. Being associated with more mature, more trustworthy and more bankable, as Vikram stands for in this case(at least in the Southern belt), is very important as it means your brand has higher chances of being picked up. For Raavan, Vikram being in a Telugu/Tamil movie as the hero translates to better turnouts in the audience and better reception and that is what Mani wants to do. Good move Mani.

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Anonymous said...

The movie was an average one. I saw the Hindi version of it and Abhshek failed to make an impact at all. I am waiting for the Tamil one on DVD.

Kunal Vaswani said...

Good performances by Abhishek, Aishwarya & Vikram. The movie reminds me of the Indian epic Ramayana. The scenes of glimmering backwaters and glistening waterfalls and the lofty verdant mountains kissing the azure skies are just awesome. A.R.Rahman's music coupled with Gulzar's lyrics is mesmerizing, but ...the story is not that great.

Final Verdict: Not that great movie.