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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Am back

After many days of staying away from my blog, am back for good. Having been associated with the launch of Go Lite in Bangalore and Don't Bite Me in India, was on the road setting up the distribution and retail channel, which means handling a millions things and yet keeping cool.

Thanks to an excellent team that supports and stretches with a smile, it was a wonderful journey and we realize that it has just begun. You might find one of us on the field with Go Lite tees and blue jeans. If you find a Go Lite poster or leaflet when you walk in to a pharma store in Bangalore, you know who is behind it. And yes if you wanna lose weight, you got to Go Lite.

Don't Bite Me is all set to hit stores soon and you have it ready for the mosquito season, a new comprehensive, innovative solution to keep insects away from you and your family.

Lots of things learnt, lots more to learn, will keep posting regularly from now on. Hop on.

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