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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spare the rod

When the risk is high, you get to take things seriously. When the risk is not so compelling why should you? Now I know why Bible says about sparing the rod in Proverbs chapters 22, 23 and 29. The need to be firm on few things is often necessary even with adults. What makes you learn things in the childhood is the fear of failure. The fear that you would be an outcast, a left behind and a walkover is what pushes you to read and learn things in a certain way. Not that you need to learn everything but to learn it fast, quick and in such a way that you are ahead of you peers. Not that goes missing in your life when you reach a certain stage when everything is fine and you don't feel motivated rather compelled to do certain things. I have seen that to be motivated to do certain things in life, you need to realize the high risk associated with not doing. This is a case of high involvement and corresponding loyalty with the same.

To make consumers realize that they need your product, you need to tell them what they are risking. This gets more tough when the competition is high and especially when the need isn't realized. Picking up habits is even more tough after a certain age. Linking that to a loss might help. Especially if that is something substantially threatening. Vaccination advertisements use this to great success. Fuel price rise speculation ensures beeline to all the outlets. Think about it.

As a marketer I would make you see the need, if not I always can go back to the cane.

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