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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Meticulously thoughtoutness

The problem with too much thinking is that there is no action involved. Mere thinking isn't going to take to you anywhere. I am talking about plans we make in daily life and how they change with time and how we settle for something or should I call conclude and finalize. The reason I am quoting this is because thinking of loopholes and what usually happens is that you would end up with things that tell you why you shouldn't be doing it.

While it is good to think, it is equally important to put things on paper in to practice, be it in life or at work. One of the people I pay attention keeps telling me, nothing works like clockwork and it is true. Many things happen and come up when you set out to implement plans that seem water tight and sure to happen.

What is the point in telling me all your plans when you don't even step out and do something in that direction. Leave all ifs and buts and actually get out and do something. Being lazy and finding excuses has become a fashion these days. Don't be one of these this May.

What is life without risk? But isn't it foolish to sit down and relax, waiting for some miracle to happen yet unwilling to take the risk. Can I hear some ayes?

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