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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cozy code

I am back in Kozhikode from along trip to Bangalore and life is back on track. Somethings don't change. Back to the same office, friends and food. Went to Top Form and had Kerala rice, prawns fry and drank hot water and it is a refreshing experience. A drive on the beach, long walk with your fleeters being washed by the waves in the cold of the night after a particularly hot day cannot be explained in words and confined to a blog post. Kerala is rightly called God's own country.

At Top Form we had a different experience. The place is serving since 1975 and is one of the prominent places in Kozhikode for Biryani and other seafood. The furniture was what attracted me most. Colonial type chairs and tables with nice finish was interesting invite. Though it was Wednesday and not supposedly the rush hour, the place was full of people and we had to wait a long time to have a seat. The delay was worth it as we tasted friend prawns being served in utmost relish, piping hot and sizzling. If you are in Kozhikode, you got to try this place.

I retire back to my den at night after the long walk and life is back to normal. I miss few things but then life goes on.

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