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Friday, April 30, 2010

Setting base

Am in the process of setting up base for two excellent products(Go Lite and Don't Bite Me) and let me tell you am enjoying to the core. Traveling in hot summer sun on the streets of Bangalore, meeting businessmen, consumers, retailers, understanding psyche and tricks of the trade real time and keeping myself ahead is an awesome experience. Drained, parched and too tired to do anything else by the time I reach my abode, too exhausted to come online and blog and hence the delay in the posts. Thank you for coming back to the blog. Will try to be more frequent from now on.

The summer rains in the evening come as a pleasant blessing. Last night it was drizzling and after a particularly long day, couldn't resist so went out for a walk. After the invigorating walk, could get out and do more today. Fitness has become more of a relaxing technique than just getting back to shape these days. You should try this too. When stressed, go for a walk, a long one.


Poonam Kankariya said...

True!!! walks r definitely very relaxing... specially when u live too independent n lonely life... but yes when had wid family n frnds its even more njoyable, relaxing n soothing :)

Unknown said...

@Poo... Well said