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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Save power?

When you are reading this you are consuming power. Power that can be used for several other purposes. Thousands of people out there sit in air conditioned offices, drive in cars fitted with temperature conditioning agents that help you feel better. All this to ensure you are saved from the burnt of the sun and feel cool. Saving power, hitting a high note while talking about reducing the carbon footprints has become a fashion these days. More so when a company that supplies air conditioning in your office and home speaks about it. You know which brand I am talking about.

While the ad campaign speaks about saving power while using the ac as it has to be used and reducing your power bill, the total message is lost as n one cares about it. Now I am aware that the brand is aware of what it is doing and that it doesn't expect its audience to walk out in the sun and ensure there is proper ventilation to save power but in being different from the brands and maintaining a we care for you message helps it stay out of the regular messages that come and hit you and are lost. When I go out to get my house air conditioned, I would definitely remember the brand. There is your marketing greens well spent.

Well, there is a power cut and the ac is turned off. Save power?

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