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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quest for the seven three

Posting after a looooong time at my blog. Life is great. Am on the road setting up the ground for product launches, lots of travel, meetings, discussions and closing deals. Setting up retail network isn't easy but very stimulating, satisfying and learning. You would find Go Lite on the shelves soon. Don't Bite Me is on the way.

Would be back to blogging. Am back to dieting, this time the target is to reach seven three. Wish me luck :) Keep visiting.


SkyLark said...

Hey Vamshi.. Good to see a post after a while.. Is Golite a secret to ur weight loss as well??

All the best with 73.

Cheers, Harsha

MJ said...

great to hear from go lite is ur secret for slimming??