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Friday, April 23, 2010

Genelia overdose

Genelia, Asin, Deepika and Dhoni. All face it. Watching few IPL matches on the small screen has exposed me to an overdose of the celebrities mentioned above. Too many advertisements and brand endorsements confuse the consumer with the association of the celebrity and the brand behind it. Brands should be clear about what they are trying to get the consmer remember after watching the communication. Information being given out should be consistent and not at all confusing. All the money spent on Genelia, Asin and others in the company goes waste on me and other consumers like me as none of the brands appeal to me or do I remember any of them.

Every brand that is advertising in this manner is running a risk of going over the consumer's head. The only ads that stand apart are the zoo zoos and Limca ones which seem to stand out and register. Mere celebrity association isn't taking your brand anywhere. Check which ones would stand out and how you can register your brand in the consumer's mind space. That's marketing greens well spent or else it is going down the drain. What say you?

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SkyLark said...

Not only Zoo Zooz & Limca.. Most of the Vodafone Ads are cool and so are the Fevicol ones and the Tata telecom ones..

Look at the Airtel ads these days, most of them talk about how to deceive ppl. The one, wer the hero copies love phrases from a book / or talking to his dad abt bday amount / or the exams - nisha etc one.. Everything is like back stabing.

Advertising is not just about getting the due attention, its also about branding, the message it passes to masses.