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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Water business

The fast-growing market for packaged water, which at present stands at Rs 2,400 crore, has tough competition. There are about 2000 brands that operate in the market supplying bottled water! This calculation doesn't take into account numerous unbranded sachets, duplicate brands, etc. that are sold in most areas. Customers are duped most of the time as there is a similar looking product on the shelf that is offered at the original price while the actual brand might be more costlier. Piracy in water! What next?

BTW, I personally prefer quenching my thirst with tender coconut water which is the world's safest natural soft drink. So this summer ensure that you hydrate yourself, keeping your mind, body and soul invigorated.


Unknown said...

The world's safest natural soft drink also is not natural now a days :).There are pacakaged coconut water and also packaged COCONUTS :)

Unknown said...

@Sarah... Not that you have mentioned about packaged coconuts, I am sticking to my iced lemon freeze or a cola :)