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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Book review: My Life Story

Take a look at the stark realities of life. Changes that happen too quick, too real, too direct but aren't seen or observed in the first glance. How much weight can a human soul carry and still manage to be normal? Can someone handle more than a tragedy and emerge a winner. Do you call the person a winner or a survivor? What could be the difference? How would it be to sit next to the person, take a walk with them in life, listen to them share, to relate to what happened, step by step, minute by minute... just letting the survivor tell you what happened? Well... then you got to read Arti Honrao's book My Life Story!

Arti's use of first person style in story telling keeps you engrossed and ensures you go through emotional twists and turns Kavya faces in her life, her decisions, changes explaining beautifully how quick life changes with decisions that you take and how it could hurt you. In just over a hundred pages Arti manages to tell you a story that would shake your senses and make you feel sad, betrayed, search for love, pain and grief and Kavya's life is amazingly made beautiful with a ray of hope, a path set for the future. My Life Story is too close to life that it can be described as raw. In a story that otherwise is dark and sad, Arti tells you how to have a positive look at life, how to search for the silver lining in the clouds that otherwise threaten to drown you in sorrow.

What made me like the book is the charm with which the story is dealt with, the characters come alive, each presenting a strong appeal, tied up with their personal problems, written so beautifully that you sympathize rather than being judgmental about it. My Life Story makes an excellent read as it explores the meaning of relationships, family, explanation of life. Grab some coffee on a cold evening and get ready to go on a walk down the memory lane as Kavya takes you through her life.

Congratulations and Keep writing Arti. Cheers!

Visit Arti's blog: Straight from the heart and you can buy My Life Story here.

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Dr Chowdari Prasad said...

Hi Dear Vamshi (Tiger), You need to write your own Life Story; My hearty congratulations to you for achieving an entry in the Limca Book of Records for four PGs. Tell your friends and well wishers all about it. I will catch up later.