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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More than functional

Whoever concocted this delusional idea of connecting on a physical level is enough in a relationship is not completely right. Eventually the emotional connect is what matters as the physical wears off. Am talking about friendships, relationships, etc. Once the initial glittery sheen is worn off it just matters to see how soon it breaks and the dream crumbles. What is sought is more than physical, in other terms, emotional.

Let me explain.

When you buy a product, you expect the physical need primarily(agreed this isn't the case sometimes, but mostly, yes) and the expectation is limited to the functionality or physical fulfillment. But in order to pick up the product again from the retail shelf the brand needs to ensure this: Delight in terms of the functional need or pitch emotionally to make the consumer connect his psyche to the appeal of the product. Better are the ones that gets passed on both counts. With the competition being rough, the need to connect emotionally and relate to the consumer is very important.

Going back to relationships, what holds is one that is more intellectual than functional. Ain't it?
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