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Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday blues: Iced lemon freeze

Missed my Monday blues post last week as was too tied up. So here we go.

Iced lemon freeze at CCD is the best to cool yourself on a hot summer eve, especially if you have been in the field the whole day. Melting ice diluting the essence while the lemon peel adds to the grace of the drink soothes the body while quenching thirst.

Why can't communication be like this? Adding flavor to the discussion while retaining the essence, diluting the tension? Why can't communication be used to build relationships? Why can't official day-to-day communication include things which care about people? Try and see if your team responds better when you add a personal tinge to your communication. After all you are talking to people and not just numbers.


Unknown said...

True, very True...Have seen so many supervisors who really dnt bother to care. Saying a thank you , a smile and a pat for all the efforts which makes a difference for the org ...
"Should it be taught strictly to ppl???"

Unknown said...


ThankQ for the comment.

Unfortunately quite a number of people don't know how to do it thought they expect similar treatment from their team. Most people don't care for all that matters to them is the green. For some communication is an uphill battle. So whether it should be taught strictly to people? I guess the answer is an emphatic yes, not just in business schools but right from the time they learn to speak, in the four walls at home.