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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy woman's day

Put on the groovy music DJ! Grab those glasses ladies and gentlemen. Time to celebrate. 20% off for all ladies out there. Today is Woman's Day!

Yes, go on and celebrate. You are doing a good job. Schools, colleges, work places, streets, shopping malls, pubs.. add whatever you want to this list. Everywhere there is a mood to celebrate and self congratulate for what a great thing it is to be a woman. If portraying a charming figment of imagination on this occasion is what is required, then you have the right to celebrate. So go on.

If you actually think about what is happening around, behind those doors, cubicles and in the dark corners of your mind, knock on that door and enter. Here is a dark but true confessional explanation that we should be looking at. Women are misused, shamelessly. Most of the infanticides are because the baby is a is going to be a woman! Most places you aren't allowed to go, most positions you aren't allowed to fill in, most things you can't do because you are a woman. Mothers, wives, sisters, colleagues, daughters, no we don't have a discrimination here when you go right out and sarcastically mock. All around the world you go and preach sermons and make statements of being chivalrous while in reality you are a chauvinist and a biased to the core. Lemme tell you something, first get that bill passed, for if you don't, it means nothing to the womenfolk. But it shows you are scared. You are held up to the wall that your hard-earned male domination is threatened in a fold that is supposed to be the men's area of expertise! Go on and grin to the flashes of press cameras and tell that you are all out for the woman's reservation bill and freedom while at heart all you want it to hold her to a string and control lest not she professes her own ideals which might damage your male ego.

First learn to respect the women around you. Then you have the right to grin. Watching shameless politicians creating a ruckus in the house made me sick. If there are women at their houses, kick them out. These are the ones, us the educated folk, have elected. Or did we choose them deliberately as this is exactly what we wanted to happen? Is this a reflection of our inane fears and wishes? Is this a mere representation of what the democratic opinion of the country is? Illiteracy, poor health, low income levels are some evils camouflaged in those smirks that try and push the fairer sex to oblivious dark dungeons of society. Don't get it? Flick on few buttons on your remote and see what our so called swamis/godmen are doing?

So do we actually need a woman's day? Oh yes, after all we need to assure them that apart from being suppressed and downtrodden, you are a celebrated item, a rare breed of disappearing species that has already lost a voice, opinion, choice and what not. So enjoy today and celebrate being a woman, for the rest 365 days aren't yours. These are the same folks that need a mother's day to remind them they have a mother.

Ha... stop this nonsense, go on DJ.. start that B grade item song from some Bollywood chart-buster, oh yes, remember that new small time supposedly 18+ model that was drenched in artificial rain grooving to some fast paced music that the director has made her to survive to suit your male ego and you watch with gaping mouth. Celebrate guys and go back to your drinks and happy times believing you are doing something special for woman's day. Congratulations! Now go back and be the same for the rest of the year till this occasion of false celebration comes up next year and you put on that same mask and dance to the false tune like the cobra does to the sway of the snake charmer's pipe forgetting that its mouth is sewn. Does it make any sense to you? Nope. Did I tell you to down more shots? DJ increase the music, these folks are actually THINKING! Oh! Did I forget to wish you a happy woman's day?
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