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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Can't say I love you?

Can't say I love you directly? Now Dial ****** on your mobile and download love quotes! Subscription Rs.5/Quote.

This is the flash message I got today on my DOCOMO number. Please someone help me say I love you. The sick part is that there is a TV commercial featuring similar content! This is being telecast on prime time.

These messages come even after I entered my number in the DND list. Every day I get a call from an automated service to subscribe to some hellotune or the other. Happens to you too? I can stand the irritation to an extent as long as your pulse billing doesn't accelerate mine.

My question is, are there someone in the whole mobile user universe that still depend on some stupid mobile sms quotes that go around for expressing love, invest in stocks, buy stuff that might change my fortune? If yes, I sympathise with you. You should try talking in your own terms, not depend on some mobile quotes. If no, welcome to the club. Mobile operators should take a cue and send the sms' or flash messages only to those that care and respond. If I don't care, please DND. May be you should try your luck at something like the Jaago and Jeeto.

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-- Pavan said...

u can raise complaints on those unwanted messages to your service provider.

For first and second voilation they will give warning, after that they should disconnect their connection as per Trai DND regulations.