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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's day: Love and loyalty

Love is one such wonderful feeling that is easy to fall into but hard to survive. The initial sheen wears off in sometime and you are left with the kernel, the hard fact that tells you what you bought. It is very important to be as lovable or at least try to be as much and win over once the sheen is off. Especially as the case here is something not to be changed. Rants come up, behaviour and responses change, patience is thinner and understanding is more complex and it is here that the actual kernel is out. If a person or couple succeeds in remaining as faithful and lovable even in this stage, then there is a chance of being together for the rest of their life. To set these thoughts to a brand, being able to please me after I wear off all your pre-purchase promises and advertising is critical for my satisfaction and loyalty.

Brands should try and tell me( read the consumer) what is real and what is not, what they promise and what they can't and set realistic assumptions. You can fool me once to buy, may be a second time but my loyalty in buying your product would have nothing to do with the initial appeal(which happens pre-purchase) and everything to do with how I feel post-purchase. Reassuring the consumer that the decision taken was wise and that is the best is very important. Brands that take note of this are the ones that have repeat purchases and loyal customers, most importantly happy ones.

You know how to build and sustain a good relationship? Then you go to be good at this. Happy Valentine's day!
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