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Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday blues: Awaken the leader in you

An exceptional leader lies inside you. This leader is usually silent down playing the opportunities to convert a situation into a wow experience. Weaving leadership skills needs a lot of patience and positive outlook which comes with practice and enthusiasm to create an environment where the dormant leader in every person gets more active and steps out of the closet in to the limelight.

Far too many such opportunities are disguised in the form of hurdles which we choose to ignore as it takes an extra effort from us to attract that leadership quality and use this card. The other option is much easier when you let the inspiring level of leadership stay calm and let some tag or designation on your visiting card do the job. As a manager it is your responsibility to make sure your employees are transformed into exceptional leaders they can be. As a colleague you should encourage such behavior while exhibiting that yourself.

This applies to every role you play as an individual in your family, friends, at work and even in your personal life. Is the exceptional leader in you sulking or is proud? What have you changed today? Have a great week ahead.

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