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Monday, February 8, 2010

Interested or committed?

[The tone of this post might be a bit strong so you can choose to skip]

I love to hear people telling me that they love doing something but not finding time to do so. Things like I wanted to do that professional course, wanted to paint, lose weight, start playing violin again, paint, start blogging again and so on. The whole thing is discussed as if it is their life time dream and the evil dark forces are all against you to stop doing it! Not that these dreams are things that need a lot of pieces falling in place at the right time or need some 20 yrs of hard work and extremely good luck to achieve. Things which can be done if you spare an hour or two a day, things which can be done unless you are lazy. Shows why you are still there not doing what you love doing. What is the point of dreaming when you don't have the zeal or enthu to go and convert it to a reality? I know it is very difficult to do what you love with the responsibilities of work, home and other pressures pinning you down. But frankly speaking, are you not just giving an excuse? Nothing is worse than an excuse.

Dare to dream. But have the guts to go and convert it to reality. Too many dreams are lost when you don't even care. Make a commitment that you will achieve what you wanted to do. Then DO. It is a simple three step process: Dream, be ready to achieve it, Enjoy the fulfillment. Then dream again.

The difference between interest and commitment is your attitude. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something you FIND time to do it. More importantly there are no excuses, only results.

Excuses are for losers, people who never achieved anything in life. History doesn't remember excuses. List things which you are just interested or committed and prioritize. Did you achieve what you wanted to? Well, about your commitment, it shows.


SkyLark said...

Cool dear.. Who was this meant for? I guess, u r upset with somebody and hence the post..

Wat happened??

Unknown said...

@Harsha... Thank you for the comment ra.

Not upset ra :) Meant for all those who have no zeal

Indo-Aussielife said...

The above post is more motivating...i felt good after reading it..thanks - San

Unknown said...

Thank you San