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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Good job

Was recently watching Hancock with a friend and every time Will Smith said 'Good job!', it would evoke peels of laughter from her. Funny but true. How often do you see people appreciating the work you do? How important is it for an individual to get appreciated? May be your colleague, your team member, your boss or just the guy who ushers your car in to the parking lot. Appreciation is not for the job they do well or out of their way. It is for the job they do right. I have seen people in the simplest of jobs(read low paying, least appreciated, etc.) do it well, with full enthusiasm, zeal and energy that I feel motivated with the kind of profile I handle and people around me do. What you do might not be as important as the next guy but the question is the ability to enjoy what you do, when you do... no matter what. Unless you have this in life, you are not happy. Not that I say you should be stuck to what you do and stop dreaming, but the ability to enjoy what you do is pretty important.

Appreciation goes a long way to boost a person's morale and win you respect too. Just try doing it to every one you meet in your daily chores. The autowala, chaiwala, printer, steno, etc. everyone who adds something to help you do your job well. Appreciating people at home is important too. How many times have you thanked your mom for cooking you good breakfast, being so nice and wonderful for all those years and taking care of you? You don't need a Mom's day to send her a card.

Sometimes simple gestures talk more loudly than actions. Still not convinced? You should see the look on the maid who cleans my desk everyday. She knows as much English as I know Malayalam but when I thank her, her eyes shine like she knows what I meant. You should try :)

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