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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Delivering a Wow

Robin's words echo my thoughts, though in a different situation...

In my mind, Lady Gaga is the new Madonna. Love her music or not, part of her genius is pushing the envelope and being so entertaining that everyone around the water cooler the next day is talking about just one thing: Gaga.

1. She's herself. Leadership means doing your vision (even if you're title is janitor - be a visionary janitor and create wow in your work). Leadership means staying true to your self. And leadership means, well, not following. Lady Gaga doesn't behave in a way designed to please the crowd. No, with those wild costumes and stunning theatrics, she sets her own course. And then leads.

2. She knows her customers. The best companies create what I call "Fanatical Followers" - customers who are so in love with who you are and what you do that they have crossed the boundary from loyalty into outright fanaticism. Lady Gaga knows what her fans want - and she delivers it to them. Every time.

3. She puts on a show. When you get to work every day, it's showtime. No one cares if you have a cold or if you're feeling off or if you had a fight with your best friend. We are paid to do great work. And the best businesses offer their customers an experience, not just a product or a service. Gaga's shows are experiences.

4. She Leads Without a Title. Much of my new book, "The Leader Who Had No Title" is all about the opportunity every single one of us has each day to shift from victimhood into leadership. To transcend our current circumstances to play in the rare-air of excellence, mastery and genius. This isn't hype. There are people who have learned to do this and I share their process in the book. But the key thing to remember is that Lady Gaga was just an ordinary person, chasing a dream in New York City, not so long ago. But through talent, hard work, ingenuity and leadership, she shed the shackles of ordinary and grew into extraordinary. You can do the same, in your work and within your life. Starting today.

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