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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Purpose in life

Studies show benefits of spirituality and strong, supportive relationships. Money and happiness get all of the ink, but living with purpose might be the truest and straightest line to health and happiness. Researchers in the cutting-edge field of positive psychology ("hey, let's study what is good about our brains and behavior rather than all this dysfunction") have discovered individuals who feel a "meaningfulness" or purpose in life report less pain and reduced anxiety over a six-month period than volunteer subjects who score lower for meaning in their lives.

Other studies show purpose in life can significantly reduce stress and, in turn, discourage related substance abuse. Research also shows life purpose can decrease episodes of depression.

The studies reveal that finding purpose will not only extend life expectancy but also will allow a person to be more physically fit and active in later years, which makes growing older, well, more fun. The entire positive psychology movement, in its second full-steam decade now, is making a strong case for how feeling positive about your life can sustain and improve health.

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