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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Indian dressing

There is no such move towards austerity in India. Their mantra is the brighter and the more bling the better. Versace, Armani and Hermes are all reporting good demand and rising sales.

Clearly you need something special to stand out in the world’s biggest democracy. It may not be very democratic to swan around with a Hermes Birkin bag on the arm, but no doubt it gladdens the soul to be able to do so. Perhaps it is a nod to their forefathers, the maharajas, who were the last word in luxury. Maybe it is just a desire to dust off the saris.

It may be bad news for the purveyors of pink salwar kameez, but for the French and Italian designers it is only good news, particularly as their traditional markets in America and Europe remain depressed.

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